Zero Tolerance Knives for Sale


There are some knife makers who are mentioned time after time for having excellent quality knives that just about anyone can use. Zero Tolerance knives for sale, ready and waiting for you to discover. If you are already familiar with ZT, then you are ahead of the game. 

Features of Zero Tolerance Knives

While there is a huge range of ZT knives, the fact is that all knives from a single maker tend to have similar features. In the case of Zero Tolerance’s knives, all their features have to do with strength and durability.

ZT focuses almost exclusively on professional level combat knives, so overbuilt locks, high-end steel, and spring assisted openings are the norm. Curiously, ZT doesn’t stick to just one or two steels. Rather, as technology makes breakthroughs, ZT will upgrade and turn out the same knife with the new steel. 

For example, the ZT 0562 was originally made with M390, then in 2015 they switched to CTS-204p, and now it’s made out of Crucible CPM-20CV steel. Any company that is willing to continue innovating and changing existing styles is worth following.

Why Choose ZT


Zero Tolerance knives are tough, durable, and made to exacting standards, and those standards are high. Because of this, you know you’re always buying a quality knife that won’t quit on you. ZT also has a variety of styles in their blades, so there’s something for everyone, and for every job. 

As an everyday carry, it’s perfect because they’re designed to last. While most of ZT’s knives are built like tanks, they do offer a selection of smaller knives for those who are weight conscious, such as the 0450CF. 

Also, ZT has no internal division, with regards to the quality of their knives. They do not deliberately make more affordable knives; rather, everything falls roughly into the same category. This means you won’t ever pick up a knife, buy it, and then discover that it was made with a steel you’d rather not have.

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