Limited Lifetime Warranty & Replacement

Register your Off-Grid Knives product(s) here: https://www.offgridknives.com/knife-registration/

If your product fails to function as it was designed, we will examine it's condition upon it's return to Off-Grid Knives, identify why it failed and respond in an appropriate manner. If we determine there is a defect in the manufacture/materials/workmanship, Off-Grid Knives will repair or replace that product with the same model or one of equal value at our own expense.  If the knife qualifies for the warranty and is discontinued, we will offer a replacement of a current product at equal value, an order number must be verified.

Off-Grid Knives products are designed and built for use as cutting tools. Use of any of our knives for any purpose other than cutting is considered abuse. Off-Grid Knives warranty does not cover knife damage either mechanical or physical damage caused by prying, abuse, misuse, loss, confiscation, stolen, improper handling, damage from dropping, alterations, accident, neglect, disassembly, metal on metal/blade chipped against metal or improper sharpening. 

Do not use your knife as a screwdriver, can opener, bottle opener, pry bar or any prying of any kind. This includes zip ties and cutting thick plastic which usually involves prying and twisting, zip ties and thick plastic are knife tip/blade edge killers, for zip ties use heavy duty scissors or this cable tie removal tool.  Do not use your knife as a chisel or punch. A broken blade tip is caused by prying, this is the number one reason a knife tip breaks.   If your knife tip does break, we assume this was caused by prying, and this is not covered under the warranty.

Broken Pocket Clips or Sheaths: A broken pocket clip or sheath does not constitute a malfunction and does not warrant a replacement of the knife.  To replace your pocket clip or sheath, please make your purchase for spare parts here.  If the pocket clip or sheath is from a discontinued knife, we will try to locate the clip or sheath, if we cannot, we will offer a 15% discount on our website.   

Do not throw your knife or use it for any purpose other than cutting. Do not sharpen your knife on a power grinding wheel. The warranty does not cover a broken blade, a chipped blade or any damage done by using it out of its intended purpose. Micro-chipping, or very small chips on the blade edge are not under warranty, these small chips are easily removed by re-sharpening, we suggest using a local sharpening shop, or a mobile sharpener, or use Knife Aid mail service. Stripped screws by the customer does not constitute a replacement and is not covered under warranty, as well as disassembly.  We will ship replacement screws if requested.  Off-Grid is not responsible for packages stolen from the customers mailbox or front door, if the tracking has confirmed delivery and/or photographic evidence of the package, Off-Grid is not responsible and does not constitute a replacement.  

Off-Grid Knives is the only authorized seller of Off-Grid products through Amazon and offgridknives.com. The warranty does not cover Off-Grid products that were purchased through any second hand dealer.  Used Off-Grid products bought anywhere in person or online, including Ebay is not covered by our warranty. You must provide a valid order number for any assistance under this warranty.

If the product is discontinued, we will attempt to find one in our warehouse to replace it, which may be a customer return or a partially used knife in good condition.  If we cannot find the same or similar model, we will offer you a 15% discount on our website.

*DLC & Titanium Nitride Coating are on the blades of many Off-Grid Knives designs that add corrosion resistance, increased durability, and makes the blades non-reflective. Although Off-Grid's coatings are designed to stand up to continual knife use, in time, all coatings will show some wear. Scratches and other signs of wear should be expected and considered normal and scratches do not constitute a malfunction or replacement. (Off-Grid Knives does not offer sharpening or cleaning services.)