Elite Series

Elite Series

The Off-Grid ELITE Series is our premium line of EDC Knives and Custom Cerakote Knives. We use Bohler M390 Blade Steel, Titanium Scales, Titanium Hardware, Carbon Fiber & Original Coated Designs.  Add some class and badass to your knife collection.

Elite Series Knives

On one side is a range of products and on the other are premium products. Imagine having your common EDC knife collection. Now, replace this with some elite series knives, that are excellent products. Instant class added to your collection. With this range of knives, you know your knife will stay for a long time. With OffGrid Knive's elite series, you get knives that suit your premium collection. Our elite edge knives comprise Bohler M390 Blade Steel, Titanium Scales, Titanium Hardware, Carbon Fiber & Original Coated Designs.

The list of qualities you should look for are:


Sharpness is one of the key qualities one looks for in a knife. Be it for EDC purposes or for various camping activities, a sharp knife is essential. While camping it can be used as a rope cutter, skinning your hunt, and sticks for fire and shelter among others. A good blade will hold its edge for a longer time with proper maintenance. It is also a critical factor for your survival in critical situations like being attacked by a wild animal.


The strength and stability of your blade relate to its weight. It will also depend on how you intend to use your knife. If you wish to mainly use it for harder surfaces then a heavy knife will be useful. For softer materials like fruits, a lightweight knife is a better option.


The blade must have enough strength to withstand pressure. It should not break off when chopping or cutting surfaces with hard materials. The most reliable materials used in qualitative knives are carbon steel or stainless steel material.


Depending on whether the person is right-handed or left-handed, the unsurpassed balance the user has with the knife determines his/her comfort level when holding the knife. The knife's balance must complement its edge to provide the best experience.


The handle is another crucial part that you must always keep in mind. The style handle offers the grip that is required to cut, slice or chip any surface. Knives that are sharp and strong generally come with a better grip. It must provide a firm grip and a secure grip at the same time. There are many types of grips an ergonomic pinch grip, a handle with carbon fiber, a textured nylon handle, a black nylon handle, a black rubber handle, a gray aluminum handle, a synthetic handle, a black aluminum handle, a handle that includes a pocket clip and more. The point being it must be a recognized industrial strength handle.

There are two most common types of steel used to create high-quality knives

Carbon Steel

Quality carbon steel alloy will have 0.6-1.7% carbon by weight. The strength and hardness of a knife improve as the carbon content in the knife is increased. This hardness results in better edge retention. Even though higher carbon means improved overall strength of the edge-slicing blade, the overall durability of the metal and its ability to resist corrosion declines.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel or stainless steel alloy will have more than 12% chromium content in it. Chromium provides a protective layer above the steel surface. So, they are more resistant to acidity and corrosion. In addition to this, this elite tactical knife made from stainless steel is easier to maintain and is able to handle any demanding situation.

The Rockwell Hardness Rating (HRC) determines how strong this cutting-edge steel is. Any rating above 60 is considered a good choice. The Bohler M390 steel has an HRC rating of 60-62 HRC. A knife with lower ratings is easier to sharpen but does not retain its edge for a long time.

In addition, the reason for this steel being popular is that this premium steel has a high wear and corrosion resistance. This makes it a great option for exceptional quality tools, limited-edition knives for sale, and elite tactical knives that can handle any challenging situations you may encounter. 

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