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combat knives online

Buying combat knives commercially has become more common for civilians over the years. As both U.S. military personnel choose to purchase one for personal use, and civilians wish to have a tried and tested knife at hand, these knives have become more available.

While there are a variety of knives available online, and an equal number of reviews, there are always a few things to look for when buying a knife.

Features to Look For

It’s important to ensure the knife has a sturdy sheath. If the knife will be out in all conditions, then a plastic sheath is optimal. Nylon type sheaths work, but it’s not as strong and will wear out faster. Leather is usable, but it must be maintained.

While many combat knives are fixed, there is a growing number of folding knives available. These have not been as extensively field tested as the fixed knives have, though in some instances the military has had input in the design of the folding knife. The length of the blades vary, and in a fixed blade, the knife length is anywhere from three to twelve inches.

Just as the length of the blade varies, so does the material used to make the knives. While some may be fully stainless steel, others can be carbon, and some are mixed between the two. A little more carbon than you would see in standard stainless steel is normal, as these knives require a fair bit of hardness. Since the blades are usually thicker, any brittle effects are negated.

Why Choose a Combat Knife

Combat knives have been field tested by the armed forces for decades. Most military knives have been in use since the 80s, and are still going strong because the benefits vastly outweigh any negative aspects.

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