Titanium Folding Knives for Sale

While there is a variety of steels and material used for knives on the market today, few of them hold the fascination of titanium. Titanium folding knives are for sale, and there is debate as to the efficacy of this metal, though we maintain that everything has a use and a purpose.

Properties of Titanium


While many stainless steels are considered very corrosion resistant, they are unable to match the resistance of titanium. Deliberately soaked in seawater for four years, the metal didn’t show even the slightest hint of deterioration.

Titanium has more thermal stability than stainless or carbon steel, and even in subzero temperatures, knives made from titanium will not break. Lighter than stainless steel, they are also as strong as the more common knife material, making them very attractive to those who are weight conscious.

The nearly unbreakable properties of titanium can catch the eye of anyone who has tough jobs, particularly those who spend a great deal of time around water. Titanium can be used to cut coral, break wood hardened by water, and deal with other hard materials without worry of damage.

Who Could Use a Titanium Knife


Divers, anglers, boaters, and anyone who spends significant time on or around water should have a titanium knife on hand. The preferred material for diving knives, titanium has higher corrosion resistance, is lighter, and in water conditions, holds an edge longer. In dry conditions, it may require a bit more work to keep sharp but is well worth it.

For those who don’t want the cost or hassle of a pure titanium knife, there are a number of quality, titanium coated, folding knives available. What it comes down to is where you will use it. If you’re near water for prolonged periods of time, titanium is vital.

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