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Almost every knife maker and dealer around like to boast that they sell a razor sharp pocket knife, but there are numerous knife enthusiasts who beg to differ. Or who notice that those knives don’t hold the edge for very long, or that it’s incredibly difficult to put the edge back on.

There are some, the makers of quality knives, who have found the best of both worlds, the ability to hold an edge and to sharpen it.

What Steel Can Get a Razor Edge

While most steels can be given a razor edge, the quality of the steel dictates how long it will last, and how difficult it will be to put that edge back on it. Steels like M390 or CPM-T440V are super steels. They will hold an edge for a very long time, due to their higher carbon content, but as a trade-off, they are more difficult to sharpen.

AUS-8 is a higher medium quality steel, comparable to 440B and C, and these knives take a razor edge extremely well. Their slightly lower carbon content means that it’s also easier for you to sharpen them at home.

Benefits of a Razor Edge


As every chef and line cook can attest, the most dangerous knife is a dull one. That’s not what you expected to hear, is it? A sharp knife is capable of biting straight into whatever you’re cutting, which will hold the knife away from your fingers. A dull knife will bounce off, and cut you.

Razor edges make it easier to do every task, but most particularly the fine ones. Shaving wood to start a fire, skinning game, or quickly slicing a fishing line are all much easier with a razor sharp pocket knife. In some cases, having that edge could save your life.

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