Japanese Tanto Knives for Sale


Some knives have been made for a precise purpose, and are very good at that purpose. Tanto knives are one such style and were specifically designed for combat. Now, you can find traditional and modified Japanese tanto knives for sale, though which of the two you choose will depend on why you want it.

Features of a Tanto Knife

A tanto knife is a straight blade, occasionally double edge, and the tip rises at a sharp angle to form a point level with the spine. Due to the way the blade is shaped, there is a lot of steel behind the tip.

Designed by the Japanese over a thousand years ago, it was first carried by the samurai as a knife or short sword. Its original purpose was in combat, to punch through armor, which is why there is so much steel behind the tip.

Some recent tanto knives have tapered tips which are not as strong as traditional ones. It’s important to ensure the knife was made correctly, particularly if you intend to use it as an everyday carry, for camping, or survival.

Tanto Knife Modifications


It is possible to combine the tanto tip with other blade shapes, which should then list the modifications done. Most of these were done to provide additional functions for the blade.

For example, there is the OG-819 Legal Eagle which has done a very minor modification. We’ve put a slight curve in the short edge, which makes it easier for slicing and cutting.

One with more significant modifications is the OG-850 Hawkbill Hybrid. This one has a sharp upswept tip on a downward curving spine. The end result is a slight forward curve on the tip at the end of a straight cutting edge.

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