Legal Eagle EDC Knife


There are numerous knives that fit the label of being a tactical folding knife. Each has its own additions, adjustments, and benefits to the carrier. Ours is the Legal Eagle EDC knife. Designed with involvement from local law enforcement, for law enforcement, this knife has additions that are useful to the public as well.

Features of the Legal Eagle

The Legal Eagle is made from AUS-8 steel so that it’s easier to care for and sharpen, and cryogenically hardened for added wear resistance. The blade has a modified tanto point, adding a slight curve to the tip for better cutting power. There is also a section of serrations near the handle for those tougher jobs, like seat belts or rope.

The knife features both dual thumb studs and a flipper to that it’s easy to open with either hand. A spring assisted open makes it that much quicker to deploy. The secure locking mechanism ensures it won’t accidentally close on your fingers or open in your pocket.

The handle is made from G10 with diamond grip with a clip placed for a deep pocket carry. The design is perfect for any hand size as the handle has a relatively straight configuration on the sides. At the very bottom of the handle is a tungsten steel glass breaker for those emergency situations.

Who Could Use the Legal Eagle


While this knife was designed for law enforcement, its uses don’t stop there. Since it’s already been proven in the field, EMTs, firefighters, and military personnel will find the features useful in their day to day work.

Hunters, campers, backpackers, and survivalists can appreciate the lightweight, modified tip, and deep pocket carry. No more trying to find the knife that got lost on a rough bit of trail. 

The Legal Eagle EDC knife is perfect for anyone who needs a solid knife for daily use, no matter where they are. 

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