Deep Pocket Carry Knife


Most knife clips are designed so that the top inch or so of the knife will protrude from your pocket. This can get awkward, particularly in an urban situation where you don’t want the knife to be too visible, which is why you can buy a deep pocket carry knife. This allows the entire knife to sit inside your pocket, almost completely out of sight.

Why Have a Deep Pocket Carry

A normal carry clip will leave part of the knife handle sticking out the top of your pocket. This means you can knock it loose, catch your clothing or tools on it, and potentially lose the knife. It can also be uncomfortable if you’re at a social gathering, a work party, or just at the mall if people notice it.

The best way to keep your knife safe and unobtrusive is to get a deep pocket carry knife or replace the existing clip on the knife. Your knife’s brand should have something available for purchase that will fit the existing clip’s attachment points.

What to Look for in a Clip


In order to be truly considered ‘deep pocket,’ the curve of the clip should rise at least to the edge of the handle or just below. The clip should also be able to hook the knife securely to the fabric to prevent loss. 

Since this knife is your everyday carry, a strong, lightweight material should be the first order. Titanium is a popular choice for just these reasons and is preferred to aluminum or stainless steel.

Off-Grid Knives’ preferred deep pocket carry knife is the Legal Eagle tanto assisted flipper. Designed for law enforcement, this knife’s deep-carry ensures that you never have to worry about losing your knife while at work.

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