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Off-Grid Knives is an all-American company built for a global community of people who really love knives. Our large range of knives has something for every taste, need, and preference. If you're looking for the perfect workhorse, then look no further than the Hawkbill Hybrid Flipper knife.

Introducing the Hawkbill Hybrid

As its name suggests, the blade resembles an animal's claw or talon with a concave cutting edge that's ideal for slicing, cutting and carving. With this blade shape, you only need to exert the minimum downward pressure to make the perfect cut. It's great for one-handed cutting or slicing through anything from tape to construction material.

Intimidating style

The Hawkbill Hybrid Flipper knife has an aggressive blade made of cryogenically treated AUS-8 steel. This knife is the perfect workhorse with its big handle and significant blade.

The blade opens smoothly with one pull of the spring assisted flipper lever, which is suitable for either left or right-hand deployment. The spring is strong but not overpowering and opens the blade quickly and smoothly. The knife has a cutting edge of 3.25 inches and is 8 inches when opened to its full length.

A grip you can be sure of

You don't need to worry about grip security. The G-10 ergonomic grip gives you a strong and safe tactical grip in all conditions. The grip length of 4.875 inches means that the handle is big enough to hold securely even when you're wearing gloves or if you have plus-size hands.

The deep pocket belt and carry clip has a strong retention to makes sure carrying the knife around with you is both secure and comfortable.


The Hawkbill Hybrid Flipper knife blade will either impress or intimidate, depending on the situation. Don't let the size put you off. With a total weight of 7.4 ounces, you won't have any issues keeping this big boy close

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