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Japan is well-known for quite a few things, like food, Ken Watanabe, knives, and steel. So if you’re looking for a Japanese pocket knife for sale online, may we recommend anything with Japanese AUS-8 steel? An upper medium quality steel, it’s cost-effective, and favored by knife makers for its qualities.

Properties of Japanese AUS-8 Steel

Japanese AUS-8 steel is a higher chromium content steel that has good rust and corrosion resistance with decent edge retention and wear resistance. Since this steel does well at corrosion resistance, there has been a small sacrifice in hardness, but this is minimal.

The loss in hardness makes the steel easier for beginners to sharpen and is an excellent one to learn on. It also takes a razor edge very well and has sufficient hardness to not need sharpening every 5 minutes.

It is possible to increase the durability and toughness of steel by using techniques like cryogenically treating the metal, or coating it with titanium nitride. If you happen across a knife treated with either of these, definitely give them another look.

Why Buy an AUS-8 Steel Pocket Knife


While AUS-8 steel isn’t a premium stainless steel, it doesn’t pretend to be. What it is, is an excellent upper class, medium quality steel that is cost effective and performs very well in tough situations.

A lot of knife makers use AUS-8 steel for their blades because it performs well, is more impervious to corrosion than some of its counterparts, and is easy to sharpen. This steel is well rounded in its abilities, which means you get a knife that is good at a lot of things.

At Off-Grid Knives, we have a whole range of durable knives made from Japanese AUS-8 steel. Our team of experts can help point you the best edge and style for you.
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