Why Are Japanese Pocket Knives Famous?

Why Are Japanese Pocket Knives Famous?

Oct 19th 2022

Japan is famous for a lot of things be it food, cherry blossoms, Mount Fuji, or knives. The authenticity and quality they offer can rival even the most famous knife makers around the world. One of the main reasons for that is they provide traditional design and quality that is affordable to many and their utility as a great EDC knife.

In today's post, we will introduce you to high-quality Japanese pocket knives. But, before we do that let us see if you even need a pocket knife.

So, why is a pocket knife that important? Just because of the safety?

Maybe it is just cool to carry? Kind of, but, not exactly.

Benefits of a Pocket knife

You see when you have the option to carry just one knife on your journey, a pocket knife is what you should go for. These knives have been proven useful in many situations that you encounter in your day-to-day life.

It is the primary survival tool. It is useful for a range of tasks which include your food preparation,  - for food, setting up tents, and obviously for safety purposes. And the best part, it is compact enough to fit in your pocket.

Okay so a pocket knife is important, then what is the importance of a Japanese pocket knife? There are different kinds of pocket knives, so, why this one?

Yes, there are different kinds of pocket knives but if you are looking for an EDC knife, this one suits the profile. For survival purposes, a blade built for use like a camping knife, outdoor knife, or even as a kitchen knife, etc. is more useful. A Japanese folding knife serves this exact purpose.

Let us find out more about this style of knife.

What made Japanese pocket knives famous?

"It's one of the most comfortable I've experienced. It's grip conveys a feeling of power and control unique for a knife this size." - Edward Greff  

The main reason for Japanese knives being more famous than german knives is the steel that is used. The material used for creating a knife determines its utility as well. This steel is one of the key reasons they are so awesome and affordable at the same time.

The steel's name is AUS-8 Steel.

In addition, a Japanese folding knife feels a lot more balanced in your hand. This helps you grip your blade better which makes it great for precision-based tasks. This is why they are great kitchen knives as well among other utilities.

Also, these Japanese pocket knives are light in weight and retain the edge for a longer time. This is why even professional chefs prefer these knives. So, it is sometimes used as a Japanese chef knife.

Japanese AUS-8 Steel

Japanese AUS-8 Steel has a range of benefits. Due to its high chromium content, this steel has great corrosion resistance and wear resistance which makes it a sought-after blade. This is the reason for the blade having good edge retention.

The only point to take note of is the fact that this blade is not extremely hard due to the feature of corrosion resistance that comes with this blade.

But, is this point really that small? The blade must be hard and tough.

So, would it be okay for you to select a blade that does not have the hardest built?

"Since day one I haven't stopped using the Fat Boy, it's comfortable, sturdy and has a nice weight to it. Overall, great quality EDC." - Douglas B.  

Our answer is yes. You see what this blade lacks in the hardness component, it covers that from being an excellent folding knife that beginners can learn. Thus, it is a beginner-friendly blade that requires minimal effort thanks to the stainless steel blade pocket knife's razor edge.

And to just completely clear the air, it does not need to be sharpened every 5 minutes. You just need to keep it well-maintained like other knives and that will keep the knife sharp for a long period of time.

What if you do want to make your knife better? 

Improving your knife's existing capabilities is possible. You are capable of improving the toughness and durability of your steel by coating your folding knife with titanium nitride.

Other than this, you can treat your metal cryogenically. With the help of these methods, you would easily increase your blade's capabilities. You must definitely have a look at such high-quality knives if you happen to see knives treated using the methods mentioned above.

Now, let us consider a scenario when you do not use these methods to make your knife better. In this condition, should you consider having a Japanese pocket folding knife? If you ask our personal opinion we would definitely say yes.

We have many reasons for it but it all boils down to a few key things.

So, should you buy a Japanese pocket knife?

We are clear from the start that this knife does not use a premium-level stainless steel blade material. What you can expect while buying this knife is a material that comes second to the premium quality knives. These would be the upper-class ones and knives of medium quality.

So, if you consider having a knife that will be helpful to you in challenging situations and also be useful as an EDC knife then this is the knife for you. If an affordable high-quality pocket folding knife is what you want, you can definitely select this blade.


We would like to add the fact that due to their utility AUS-8 steel is used to manufacture a wide range of knives around the world. So, them being a bit less hard does not mean they are not well-known. You can check out the customer reviews on our Fat Boy knife & Fat Boy Blackout

"Since day one I haven't stopped using the Fat Boy, it's comfortable, sturdy and has a nice weight to it. Overall, great quality EDC." - Douglas B.  

These blades cover the key aspects of being highly resourceful. The Japanese pocket knife offers the perfect blade length, high performance, is resistant to corrosion, provides smooth action, handles a protective role, is great for outdoor activities, and is pocket-friendly (both fit and budget-wise). If you are looking for these qualities in a knife you know this is the knife type for you.

At OffGridKnives, we have a number of knives made from AUS-8 steel. Contact your fellow knife experts to help you get the user experience you deserve with your knife. We will take your needs into consideration and suggest knives that fulfill those particular needs.

If you have any other questions about our products or want help with a purchase, call us, and we will be happy to help.

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