Hawkeye Neck Knife


A neck knife is a quick, easy to reach way to keep an everyday carry knife with you no matter where you are. The Hawkeye neck knife is a compact, durable blade and is a perfect example of everything you’d want in a neck knife.

Neck knives are a convenient way to carry a small blade with you that is ready to hand at all times. Carried either handle up or handle down, neck knives are one of the oldest ways to carry a blade, and the convenience of it can be seen in their continuing popularity.

Features of the Hawkeye

The Hawkeye neck knife is a karambit style blade with finger loops for better grip and ease of use. The full tang gives greater strength and durability, making it perfect for tough tasks. Made from AUS-8 steel, these knives are rust and corrosion resistant with admirable edge retention.

The Hawkeye has a semi-serrated edge, so no matter the material, you have the tools to deal with it. Carried handle down, the sheath is made from Kydex, which ensures the sheath is snug enough to hold the blade in place. All it requires is a sharp yank to draw and use it. 

Why Choose a Hawkeye Neck Knife


The Hawkeye neck knife is perfect for those who need an everyday carry that’s light and easy to take everywhere you go. The serrations at the base of the blade allow you to tackle jobs that involve heavy cutting, such as rope, packing straps, and even small branches. 

The jimping on the back of the blade gives additional security to the grip, but also allows you to easily strike a spark on your Ferro rod in emergency situations. All of this makes the blade very attractive to campers, backpackers, hunters, survivalists, and preppers, or anybody who needs to keep a go-bag.

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