Custom Kydex Knife Sheath


So you’ve bought your new, fixed blade knife. It’s a beauty, the knife that you waited and saved for. Except for one thing – the sheath isn’t the sturdiest, and you can see it wearing out fairly quickly with everything you intend to do. Fortunately, it is possible to get a custom Kydex knife sheath to fit your new pride and joy perfectly.

What is Kydex

Originally, Kydex was designed for use in aircraft interiors and has since been adopted by a variety of other industries, including knife sheaths. Kydex is a thermoplastic acrylic-polyvinyl chlorate which, loosely speaking, means that it is a plastic that can be heated and shaped before being cooled. This allows a skilled user to form it to whatever shape is required so that the sheath you get will fit your knife perfectly. 

Because it is a type of plastic, Kydex is waterproof, and actually gives less wear to knives sheathed in it. Note that Kydex needs to be heated to a specific temperature and cooled properly in order to work, so watch its proximity to high heat sources. 

Why Choose Kydex


There are a number of benefits to having a Kydex sheath, and one of them was mentioned above. While being waterproof doesn’t always matter to a knife, it does mean slightly more protection for a carbon steel knife. 

Modifications can be made to reduce the rattle of a sheathed knife, and strips can even be added to protect the knife from the wear of removing and re-sheathing it. If you’re worried about water getting inside the sheath, simply speak to your craftsman. Kydex is malleable when it’s heated, so it would be no trouble for the sheath maker to add a hole or two to allow water drainage.

Most neck knives have a Kydex sheath, as this allows them to be made snug enough for a handle down carry. This is a better option than the looser sheath that relies on magnets to keep the knife in place.

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