3 Knife Tricks to Master

3 Knife Tricks to Master

May 30th 2020

Everyone wants a knife that performs well and looks great. The ultimate way to enhance the visual aspect of your knife and show of your skills is by mastering tricks.

Viper EDC...

Viper EDC

Tricks are possible with an array of blades, so whether you use an assisted cleaver knife, switchblade or spring assisted flipper knife, there’s no excuse not to practice and learn some techniques.

Tricks have the additional benefit of demonstrating your ability to wield the knife. This signals to others that you are proficient with the blade and acts as a warning, potentially avoiding the need to use it for self-defense.

Some tricks even enhance practical usage by increasing the draw speed from a holstered position to an open knife.

1. Flick Opening and Thumb Stud Knives

This should be an essential trick for any knife owner. The flick open allows for fast opening with a single hand, which improves the effectiveness of a knife in any scenario. Saving time could be critical in a moment of urgency and mastering the flick opening will mean you won’t let yourself down when it counts.

Perform the basic flick opening on a pocket knife by gripping the handle, and flicking the knife with the momentum at the tip of the stored blade. With enough power, this should send the blade flying out, overpowering the spring assist that is keeping the blade closed.

Failing to use enough power will only half open the knife or fail to reveal the knife from the handle. It is important that the power transferred is enough to overcome the friction between the handle and the blade.

2. Flick Closing

Essentially the opposite of the above trick. Note that it is important to push the release on the knife, in order for it to close with momentum. Otherwise, it may stay in the open position. This depends on the exact knife as some are simply held open with friction.

Check the specifications of knives for information when looking for a spring assisted flipper knife for sale online.

Flick the knife with momentum and speed maximized at the tip of the open knife again. Extra force may be required to close a spring assisted flipper knife, as the spring will be holding it in place. Make sure your hand is not in the way of the blade entering the handle, as this could bring the cutting edge down on your fingers.

A flick close is a good way to store your knife immediately. As long as you perform the trick safely, it is a smart way to remove the knife from sight, where it might cause controversy or concern. This is a valuable tool in keeping your knife secure and using your blade safely.

The flick closing also is eye-catching, and demonstrates your competence with the knife, much like the flick open does.

3. Pinwheel

While the pinwheel doesn’t serve much of a functional purpose, it’s a neat trick that can impress onlookers and create admiration for your knife skills.

Ideally, you would perform a pinwheel with a butterfly or balisong knife. This is due to the split handle that enables additional movements.

Hold the knife horizontally and align the tang pins with the direction of your thumb. Make sure you hold the knife by the safe handle and then drop the bite handle, before flipping it around. As you do so, move the grip of your hand to hold the bite handle upwards. This will snap the bite handle into its closed position.

Mastery of the pinwheel creates a dazzling effect and is famously featured in online games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.