THE BLACK MAMBA - ELITE SERIES - **NEW RELEASE SALE** - Legal Carry - Bohler M390 Super Steel Blade, Non-Reflective Blackwashed DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) Finish, Ceramic Ball Bearing Flipper, 6AL4V Grade 5 Titanium Scales, Frame Lock, Deep Pocket Car

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Product Description

Off-Grid Knives designed the Black Mamba to be ELITE in all aspects and deliver a legal carry blade that's built like a tank and looks absolutely bad-ass. We collaborated with the WE Knife Company to build the Mamba, as their reputation in the knife industry is rock solid. We are offering YOU a premium knife at a fraction of the cost anywhere else for the same build and materials. The MSRP for the same materials used in the Black Mamba are going for $250-300 and up. As of now, we're keeping it under $200, making the Mamba accessible to those to want to step up for a big time upgrade but don't want to break the bank.


The feedback has been outstanding, if you're thinking of dipping your toe in the water with an EDC upgrade, congratulations, you found it in the Black Mamba.

SUPER STEEL BLADE: The Legal Carry Black Mamba Knife Blade is Made with Austrian Bohler M390 Steel, Ultra Premium Steel Produced by Powder Metallurgy, Extremely High Toughness, Wear & Corrosion Resistance, Blackwashed Finish & Reverse Tanto Style


GRADE 5 TITANIUM: 6AL4V Ti is Commonly Used in High End Custom Knives, Exhibits Very High Strength Yet Light Weight, Excellent Corrosion Resistance, Used Also in the Aerospace Industry, Blackwashed Finish with Titanium Hexagon Scales


BRUSHED DLC: The Overall Finish Has a Black Stonewash Look, Non-Reflective, DLC Stands for 'Diamond-Like Carbon' Which Adds Extra Corrosion Resistance, Extra Hardness, Used in Both the High End Knife and Gun Industry Due to the Added Resistance to Wear


OPEN BACK DESIGN: With the Open Back Design (see last photo), the Mamba is Easy to Clean and Less Chance of Debris Getting Caught in the Handle During Hard Use in the Field, Also Sheds Some Unnecessary Weight


SMOOTH FLIPPING ACTION: The Blade Rides on High End Ceramic Ball Bearings Creating a Quick Effortless Opening Using One Hand and Locks with Rock Solid Certainty


ZERO BLADE PLAY: The Black Mamba Locks Up Like A Vault Using a Frame Lock, the Mamba is Built Like a Tank


EVERYDAY CARRY (EDC): Only 4.58 ounces, Legal Carry 2.78 inch Blade, 4 inch Handle & Tip Up Right Deep Pocket Clip Carry, the Mamba is a Perfect EDC Workhorse