Tactical Combat Karambit Neck Knife for Sale Online


Combat and survival knives are extremely popular, and the current trend is leaning towards karambits. They’re all-purpose, ready to be used for anything, from cutting open boxes to survival, to defending yourself from an attack.

With a tactical combat karambit neck knife for sale online, finding one isn’t even an issue.

Features of a Tactical Knife

A tactical knife has a few features that are a must if it’s to be considered effective. First, it must be a fixed blade. While you can get folding versions, there’s always the chance that it will fail at the joints. The knife should be full tang, for additional strength and durability.

The knife should be a decent length so that you can both grip it comfortably, and easily perform tasks. The blade should have an unsharpened edge, to allow you to place a finger for guidance and better maneuverability. It should also have a sharp tip because you will need that.

Why Choose a Karambit Neck Knife


A neck knife hangs comfortably, from a cord or chain, any type will do. This keeps it close to hand, easy to reach, and available in case of an emergency. Around the neck is the oldest way of carrying a knife, and the fact that humans survived is some testament to its efficacy as a location.

The karambit’s shape makes it perfect for slashing, piercing, and slicing. The security loops make it comfortable and safe no matter how you choose to grip it.

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