Karambit Neck Knife for Sale

 Karambit Neck Knife

When it comes to self-defense, having more than one option is a good idea. For that reason, many people rely on a neck knife as another layer of defense for themselves and their families. A karambit neck knife is a great option for this purpose due to its simple design, concealability, and proven combat effectiveness.

Knife Origin

If you’ve never seen a karambit blade, they may seem a bit exotic and even intimidating. The curved blade might remind you of claw or a talon, and that’s because its original design was based on a tiger’s claw. The origin of these knives goes back many centuries, and they are still popular in Southeast Asia for self-defense and even everyday carry purposes.


The first feature of a karambit knife that literally jumps out at you is that curved blade. The appearance of the blade alone may be enough to deter an attacker who’s looking for a soft target. Another optional feature is the pinky grip. This ring that’s built into the handle will keep the knife in your hand instead of dropping to the ground if things get rough.

Neck knives come with a sheath that securely holds the blade in place. A cord is attached to the sheath, allowing it to be worn around the neck. Some owners prefer to wear them concealed under a shirt, and others prefer to wear them over their clothing for quicker deployment. Either method you choose, you can’t go wrong when it comes to convenience when carrying these knives.

Multiple Uses

If you plan on using this knife for self-defense, you may decide to use it for that purpose only. You might keep it in its sheath, leaving it as sharp as possible and ready for action. There are other uses for these knives, however.

A karambit neck knife can be a great tool for camping, hiking, or for survival prep. This versatile knife is also a great option for military and law enforcement personnel.

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