Tactical Knife with a Glass Breaker


In this ever-changing world, you never know what kind of situations you may end up facing. That’s why a tactical knife with a glass breaker is a useful one to have on hand. When you’re looking for safety, functionality, and convenience, a tactical knife provides them all in one small package.

Why Have a Glass Breaker

A glass breaker is a small knob on the bottom of the knife handle, usually made from a tungsten alloy, which happens to be the same metal used in armor piercing rounds. Having such a small point concentrates the force of the blow, giving you a better chance of breaking the glass the on the first strike.

While at first, it may sound ludicrous that a person would ever need a glass breaker, there are extenuating circumstances where having one could save a person’s life. Most of these would be in the case of car accidents, and passengers were trapped inside.

Another time maybe an animal or small child is trapped in a car on a hot day, and you’re unable to find the keys. Though these may be extreme circumstances, it’s always better to be prepared for anything that might happen.

Why Choose a Tactical Knife


It is absolutely useless to have a glass breaker, and then not have a knife strong enough to cut the seatbelt, if necessary. Plus, a tactical knife is built to more exacting standards than most knives, as the designers intended it to be an all in one, this is the only knife you’ll ever need EDC.

Many times, competent knife makers will get input from both the military and law enforcement to ensure that every situation is covered. These knives are intended to be the last line of self-defense and are built for it.

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