Small Flipper Pocket Knife for Sale


Courtesy of changing knife laws, larger bladed folding knives aren’t legal in every state. If you’re one of many who prefers to have an EDC on them at all times, you may want to start checking out your options.

Fortunately, it isn’t hard to find a small flipper pocket knife for sale, every knife maker has at least two, and usually more.

Features of a Small Flipper Pocket Knife

Blade length is the first thing that defines a small pocket knife and is the one that law enforcement will be looking at. While you’ll need to check the specifications for the individual state, most small pocket knives are under 3 inches.

The reason we see a rise in flippers on small folding knives is that most people who use them are men, and most men have larger hands. Thumb studs don’t make it easy for a man to open these little knives, but a flipper can literally make all the difference. If you’re a woman, well, flippers are just fun and awesome, and most of you can comfortably use the thumb studs.

Examples of Small Pocket Knives


The OG-819 Legal Eagle is a prime example of a small flipper knife. The blade is just under 3 inches, and the modified tanto tip makes it better for cutting and slicing than your normal tanto. The knife is sturdily built and is just outside the lightweight class at 4.8 ounces.

The OG-808S All Day Nano has a 2.73-inch blade, a 3.25-inch grip, and is truly lightweight, coming in at 3.3 ounces. As you would want from anything used as an everyday carry, the knife is durable, and can even be used for cutting zip ties. Anglers would find this knife perfect, as it’s small, tough and sharp. If you have any questions about our products and or want help with a purchase, call us, and we will be happy to help.

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