Reverse Tanto Assisted Knives for Sale Online


When looking for a new everyday carry, it can be difficult to choose. There are so many options available, though more people are checking out reverse tanto assisted knives for sale online.

Just as awesome as a standard tanto, the reverse tanto is rapidly carving itself a place in the online market.

Features of a Reverse Tanto

As the name suggests, a reverse tanto angles in the opposite direction of a tanto. The tanto blade has the angle on the sharpened side, with the point almost level with the spine. The reverse tanto has the angle on the spine.

A reverse tanto gives you a little more blade length to work with and also gives the knife a bit of a belly. This means you can do more cutting and slicing with it while still maintaining the strong tip that makes it excellent at puncturing items.

If the point is centered, you’re given more precision in piercing, and greater control if you require greater accuracy with any tip work. As with any knife you’re considering for an EDC, the reverse tanto shouldn’t have any play when it’s being opened, and should lock up tightly. The knife should be made from a good quality stainless steel, and if

you purchase one with an extra coating, you can be sure you’ll have better wear resistance.

Who Could Use It


Since a reverse tanto was first intended for tactical situations, law enforcement, survivalists, and even military personnel can use one. The strong tip ensures the knife will take a beating before you can damage it, and the belly gives it greater versatility.

Hunters, anglers, and campers will enjoy having a sturdy knife on hand to see them through their daily outdoor activities, while also having a knife with tactical advantages.

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