RAPID FIRE RESCUE - High Visibility Scales

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RAPID FIRE RESCUE - High Visibility Scales, Glass Breaker & Combo Blade 

The newest addition to the Rapid Fire Series...the Rapid Fire Rescue is here.  This version has a wharncliffe/sheepsfoot blade shape, which is considered a "safer" blade for rescue purposes as it doesn't have a true point which can injure the person in need.  The Rescue also has a glass breaker which can help if you're trapped in car, or someone else is, you can bust the window easily with the tungsten carbide tip.  We also added extremely sharp serration which will saw through a seat belt or aid in an emergency situation.  The Rapid Fire Rescue has the signature lightning fast assisted action that resembles an auto knife, so getting your blade deployed quickly and without fail is essential.  We added jimping on the spine and the flipper tab, and used the Rapid Fire Coyote honeycomb scales to add a proven G10 texture to make sure this knife stays in your hand.  The G10 will be easily spotted under stress as the color is a high visibility orange color.  We used Sandvik 14C28N blade steel with a tumbled blackwash DLC finish. The Rapid Fire Series is trusted by the US Military, Border Patrol, LEO's, EMT's, Paramedics, ICE Agents and Explosive Ordinance Disposal...EOD's are the Air Force's bomb squad.  The Rapid Fire Rescue is a perfect knife to leave in your car, it will slice through a seatbelt or bust out a window in a flash.  It's also a great EDC when you want to carry a larger knife with extra features, whether you're Off-Grid or in the city, you'll have a tool that can handle the unexpected.   

"First night I carried it, I used it to extract a victim in a car crash who was stuck in the car because the seat belt release was unreachable. It was like a hot knife through melted butter." 
-D.C. - LEO
Rapid Fire w. Sharp AF Serration 

The Rapid Fire Series is known for the extremely fast assisted deployment, which is extremely important when dealing with an emergency situation.  The semi-serrated blade adds an important feature, this is the sharpest serration you've ever used.  We chose the steel company "Sandvik" which is a world leading steel manufacturer in Sweden that makes advanced stainless steels. Their 14C28N offers a unique combination of excellent edge performance, high hardness and corrosion resistance.   We added a DLC coating that adds even more corrosion resistance and toughness with a tumbled blackout finish.  New to this Rescue design is added jimping on the spine and flipper tab.

Proven By The Pros In The Field

The Rapid Fire Series has been evolving since 2017.  The handle and ergonomics have been tested in the field by US Military and LEO's, including EOD's (Explosive Ordinance Disposal).  Yes, the badass dudes who dismantle live bombs trust the Rapid Fire in their hand.  The HV Orange G10 honeycomb texture is very grippy and loved by the many Rapid Fire Coyote fans.  We added milled jimping on the back palm area for added no-slip traction and a solid four finger grip, this handle is made to lock into your hand with security and confidence.

Fast Deployment Is Imperative  

The claim to fame of the Rapid Fire Series is the incredible assisted action.  The internal torsion bar is loaded with insane torque and tension, one pull of the jimpped flipper tab and you're ready to handle the situation at hand.

Glass Breaker At The Ready

Being a "Rescue" knife, you might need to bust out a window of a car, or worst case use it as blunt force weapon.  The tip of the glass breaker is made of tungsten carbide, the same material used in armor-piercing ammunition...using a hammer strike you will easily take out a car window or a human threat.  We also designed the pocket clip with the option of left or right hand carry.  We made the screws on the clip flush with the handle, easy in and out of the pocket, no snags (T6 clips screws, T8 body screws).

Rapid Fire to the Rescue 

We've sold many thousands of Rapid Fire knives, we're excited to add a Rescue Knife to the Series.  Don't be caught with your pants down, carry the Rapid Fire Rescue and you'll be ready to save the day!  

Weight (oz.)
6.6 oz
Blade Length (in.)
Right / Left Hand Carry
Knife Mechanism
Locking Mechanism
Liner Lock
Opening Mechanism
Blade Length (in.)
Blade Width (in.)
Blade Thickness (mm)
Blade Hardness (HRC)
Blade Material
Sandvik 14C28N
Blade Style
Blade Color
Blade Finish
Blackwash DLC
Blade Edge
Serrated Combo 
Handle Length (in.)
4.75 / Grip 4
Handle Color
High Visibility Orange
Handle Material
Pocket Clip
Left & Right Carry
Countersunk Screws


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