Credit Card Knife For Self Defense

image88.jpgIt’s important to protect yourself, and be prepared to do so by carrying the correct tools for the job. Carrying a pocket knife is preferred, but sometimes your backup needs a backup which is where a credit card knife for self-defense comes in handy.

If you intend to carry a credit card knife, talk to our knowledgeable staff to find out what will work best for you.

What Is A Credit Card Knife?

A credit card knife is a small, lightweight folding knife that fits neatly into the card pocket of a wallet. There are a variety of styles, from metal cards with sharpened and serrated edges, to a blade that opens and has the card fold around it to form a handle.

The styles vary from one designer to another, and which you choose depends on exactly what you want from the knife. The important thing to remember is that these are lightweight and intended for smaller tasks like cutting an egg or apple, and opening boxes and letters.

Why Choose A Credit Card Knife


A credit card knife is a great knife to have for cutting up food, opening boxes, packaging, or letters, and as a backup to your regular knife. It’s perfect to take with you on a day hike and if you want to have a picnic. These card knives fold up small, are easy to carry with you at all times and ensure you will never be without a knife.

While there are some who claim the credit card knife is suitable to carry as a primary self-defense option, we cannot agree. Rather, carry it as a backup to your everyday carry for emergency situations.

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