Wallet Knife - Safety That Moves With You

Wallet Knife - Safety That Moves With You

Oct 19th 2022

Imagine having a credit card-style wallet knife that helps in your daily tasks and is a great tool for basic self-defense. Convenience and safety together.

Well, why imagine? when you can have it.

It is important to protect yourself and be prepared to do so by carrying a convenient item. Carrying a stainless steel pocket knife is preferred, but what if it could be as easy as carrying a wallet?

Quite literally.

But, let us not jump the gun and learn what it is, its utilities, and finally, is this the right blade for you? This is where we introduce you to our razor-sharp wallet knife.

What Is A Wallet Knife?

A wallet knife is a small, lightweight folding knife, with a sharp blade that fits neatly into the credit card slot of a wallet. There are a variety of these high-end blades, from metal cards with sharpened and serrated edges, to a blade that opens and has the card fold around it to form a sturdy handle.

Wallet knives are great for a variety of purposes. They can be used as box cutters, opening packages, and for more serious uses like self-defense. They are also very easy to carry, making them ideal for people who are always on the go.

Whether you're looking for a convenient way to carry a foldable knife with a sturdy handle or you need a reliable self-defense tool, a cutting-edge wallet knife is an excellent choice.

Why Choose A Credit Card Knife?

The Raptor is a solid, tough, cutting machine and feels great in hand. The overall look is very original and very cool looking, love the blackout finish. An excellent EDC, highly recommended, the Raptor means business! - Dustin J  

Multi-use Knife

Having a knife handy is always a good idea, whether you're out on a hike or just working around the house. This folding card knife is the perfect solution, as it's small and easy to carry with you at all times. Simply keep it in your credit card sheath and you'll always have it close at hand.

The sharp blade is perfect for all sorts of tasks, from cutting food to opening boxes. And if you ever find yourself in a pinch, you can rest assured that you have a credit card-sized knife close at hand.

Whether you're an avid outdoorsman or just looking for modern utility knives to keep around the house, this knife is sure to come in handy and is one of the favorites of the knife community.

Your backup knife

While some claim the credit card knife is suitable to carry as a primary self-defense option. For EDC purposes we do agree.

The wallet knife is the perfect size to always have on you for emergencies. It's small enough to fit in your pocket but has a blade long enough to be useful in a variety of situations. Whether you're using it to cut the rope, open a can of food, or defend yourself, the wallet knife will be there when you need it.

And because it's so lightweight and easy to carry, you'll never even know it's there until you need it. So go ahead and pick up a wallet knife today. You'll be glad you did. Baby Rhino, and more used often by the knife community.

I've been waiting for this knife to be born, now that the Baby Rhino is in my pocket, I couldn't be happier with this EDC, it's truly a mini beast flipper that cuts like the adult Rhino. If you want a good looking, lightweight, compact, workhorse with excellent action, look no further. - Cooper S.  

For non-EDC purposes like during your adventures, we don't prefer it as a primary self-defense option. We would recommend a combat knife.

You will need a larger knife. Something even bigger and stronger for your adventures, your dream knife. Something like these blades - Rapid Fire Ranger.

So, should you buy this credit card-sized knife?

Our answer is Yes if you wish to have a small and efficient modern utility knife for your daily tasks.

We know there are many options available and each one has its own advantage. So, you need to consider the advantage you need while buying a knife and choose accordingly. The parameters will include things like how often you will use it, something that folds, your budget, and so on.

If you are clear with that, you can easily decide on your knife. But if you still need an opinion or have questions, we can help you.

Since day one I haven't stopped using the Fat Boy, it's comfortable, sturdy and has a nice weight to it. Overall, great quality EDC. - Douglas B.  
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