Combat Folder Pocket Knives for Sale


Combat knives are designed primarily for use in fighting, but let’s face it, when you’re not fighting you can still use a knife. Most combat folder pocket knives for sale have additional features to make them utilitarian as well.

Technically speaking, this makes them tactical blades, though these days the terms are used interchangeably.

Features of a Combat Knife

A combat knife should be made from durable steel, one that has excellent edge retention, and rust resistance. There should be a sufficient tip to the blade to allow it to be used for thrusting as well as slashing.

A durable handle that’s slip resistant is preferable, as it allows you to keep your grip on the blade. Find a knife that has a textured handle and one that’s not too contoured. The contouring can interfere with your own grip, and the texturing will make it easier to hold, reducing hand fatigue and injuries.

Why Choose a Folding Combat Knife


The durability of combat knives makes them attractive to people from all walks of life, in a variety of careers. A combat pocket knife means you’re carrying one of the basic tools to help you survive if an unlikely situation should happen.

Courtesy of the tactical nature of most of these knives, you often have add-ons, such as glass breakers and seat belt cutters. Anyone who has ever been in a car accident, or first on the scene at one, knows first-hand the value of features like these.

Most combat knife designs go through a rigorous vetting process, so if you’re buying from a reputable knife maker, you know you’ve bought a knife of exceptional quality. All of this means that the knife is tough, durable, and multi-functional.

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