Cleaver Style Folding Knife for Sale Online


You’ve been stuck on kitchen detail when camping too many times. You’ve struggled to cut through meat and vegetable with a tiny pocket knife because no one thought to bring the right blade. If only you had a way to combine the convenience of a survival blade with the finesse of a chef’s knife. Consider a cleaver style folding knife for sale online through Off-Grid Knives. From the weekend warrior to hardcore survivalist, Off-Grid has blades that offer the function, safety, and accessibility that you need.

Cleaver Uses

Cleaver style folding knives are wider blades that have a rectangular shape used for cooking, butchering, and hacking through things. If you are looking for a cleaver style folding knife for sale online, your focus will be more than just a butcher knife. As a tool, the cleaver style blade can be used for a variety of task.

  • Hacking – The larger size of the blade is ideal for long hard swings that need to be cut through in one swipe. 
  • Cleaning – The flat shape is ideal for shaving scales off a fish or scraping clean a smooth surface
  • Chopping – No folding knife will be better at chapping than a cleaver style blade
  • Every Day Carry – With a sharp and sturdy blade, cleaver style blades are practical for everyday use as well

Buying From the Best

Off-Grid Knives is on a mission to provide the best quality knives with a price between $35 and $100 dollars. We offer discounts to military personnel, law enforcement officers, and first responders when you email us to qualify. We design most blades in-house and work closely with knife makers to provide quality blades at affordable prices. We are so confident in our blades that we offer a lifetime replacement guarantee for all knives registered through Off-Grid Knives. Work with a reputable retailer to get the knife you need with a name you can trust. If you have any questions about our products and or want help with a purchase, call us, and we will be happy to help.

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