Classic Folding Pocket Knives

Classics never go out of style. When you apply that to classic folding pocket knives, you’re in a world of wooden handles, brass and stainless steel accents, and smooth, satin polishes.

Classic knives are also known as gentlemen’s knives and were meant to complement a suit and be usable as nicer functions.

Features of a Classic Knife


The traditional pocket knife is recognizable more by what it doesn’t have than by what it does. Unlike most knives you see today, the classic folding knife has no futuristic, modern looks to it.

Instead, it’s more like the knife grandpa gave you. Most of them feature a simple wooden handle, rounded, with a flat bottom and are made from quality materials. Some may have little accents, such as fine engravings, bolsters, a secondary, smaller knife tucked away, or better yet, a corkscrew.

There are no fancy locking mechanisms, though some may do so using older technologies such as lock backs and slip joint designs. Some may have a twist collar lock, in case you have a more rigorous work for your knife. Another thing is that these traditional knives have no clips, so it’s strictly a pocket carry.

Why Choose a Classic Pocket Knife


One of the biggest reasons to choose classic folding pocket knives is nostalgia. They evoke an older day and age when there was less technology, and every kid had a knife in their pocket. Swimming in the creek, whittling a stick, and lazy summer afternoons can all be brought back by simply opening a classic pocket knife.

Most modern knives have an aggressive, militaristic look to them. They have words like ‘tactical’ and ‘survival’ in their titles. They look like combat knives. A classic knife is elegant, non-threatening, and perfect for day to day use when you’re in a civilized setting.

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