BULLET - EDC Knife Tool

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Backed By Our
Lifetime Warranty
Bullet - EDC Knife Tool

Off-Grid designed a tough torx tool for all your knife tuning needs, say hello to the Bullet.  The Bullet comes with 3 Torx Bits attached: T6, T8, T0, each color coded with three of the most common torx bit sizes used with knives. The bits are held with strong magnets with an extra two O-rings which can be removed, these are optional as the magnets will hold your bits strongly in place on the body of the Bullet.  The bits are a commonly used 1/4 inch size, each made of high strength S2 grade steel, when slotted into the tip, the bits are held in place with a strong internal magnet.  Use the Bullet with all your personal hexagon 1/4" Philips or flat head bits as well.  The Off-Grid S2 steel bits are shock and wear resistant and feature precision machined torx tips to provide an optimum fit for torx screws on your knives, this process combined with S2 tool steel helps to prevent screw stripping. The body is made of commercial grade 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum, which has a high strength-to-weight ratio, we also added a diamond texture for added grip. The swivel head has caged ceramic bearings inside, just like our flipper knives, which creates a smooth one handed turn without resetting…can a torx tool have an amazing fidget factor? YES.  The Bullet is an overbuilt torx driver, we think the Off-Grid Bullet will be your new go-to when it's time to tune up your EDC knives or any job requiring a screwdriver.  We offer a free replacement should any issue arise, and free replacements of any lost or damaged torx bits.

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"Nice tool by Off-Grid, nice design, functional, feels great in hand, and really does look like a serious bullet!  The bearings are crazy smooth, the S2 bit sizes are just what I needed for my knives and guns.  Magnets are strong and hold the bits in place tightly, started using it as my main screwdriver with my personal .25 inch bits on hand.  High quality tool, well done Off-Grid!" 
-Alex C.
The "Bullet"

The Bullet design was based on the the same concept of our knife designs...overbuilt with size, heft, and excellent functionality.  We're confident this driver will become your go-to tool to tune-up and breakdown your knife and guns and any job that needs a tough driver tool.  The 1/4 inch tip has a strong magnet which will securely hold your torx bits in place.

Thick Aircraft Aluminum Ergos

Just like our thick knife handles, the Bullet has a .82 inch thick handle and a 1 inch swivel head.  We added milled diamond texture in all the right places for excellent traction while making your turns.  

S2 Steel Color Coded Torx Bits

The Bullet comes with three color coded S2 steel torx bits: T6-Stonewash, T8-Black, T10-Gold.  All three torx bit sizes are the most commonly used in knife construction.  S2 tool steel is a tough, high strength, shock resistant steel with precision machined torx tips to provide an optimal fit, helping to prevent stripping and provide a long working life.  Strong magnets hold each bit on the body of the Bullet and we added optional O-rings for good measure.

Super Smooth Ceramic Bearings

Just like our flipper knives, we used ceramic bearings under the head which spins so smoothly to the point you'll be fidgeting with the Bullet tool and spinning the top...it's satisfying and addicting.  This swivel design creates an easy and quick way to make your one handed turns without removing the driver from the screw, continuous turns with the swivel head pressed into your palm.

High Quality EDC Tool

Off-Grid set out to design a tool that matched the look and feel of our knife designs, in our humble opinion, the Bullet checks off all the boxes, and to top it off, it comes in a gift box style package similar to our knives.