Off-Grid EDC Knife Sharpener

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Backed By Our
Lifetime Warranty

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Off-Grid EDC Knife Sharpener 

This EDC Knife Sharpener was designed to be used when you're in the field and on the move.  When your blade gets dull and you need to put a quick edge on your EDC knife, and you don't have time to bust out your fancy Ken Onion knife sharpener, the portable Off-Grid EDC Knife Sharpener will handle the job.  Perfect for your bug-out-bag, car, tool box, fishing tackle box, kitchen, hunting, camping, survival pack...even serrated blades and kitchen knives as well as fishing hooks.  This is a versatile and compact sharpener that's built like a tank...made with stainless steel, coated black and weighs in at a beefy 5 ounces.  Register for a lifetime replacement guarantee and you'll be ready to sharpen anywhere, anytime.  

  • 5 Functions in 1 Design
  • Ceramic V-Slot - Fine hone, polish and remove burrs.
  • Tungsten Carbide V-Slot - Sharpen and repair dull or damaged edge.
  • Grooved Ceramic Stone - Polish the edge, straight and serrated knives, fishing hooks.
  • Diamond Sharpening Rod - Push the button and watch the assisted Diamond Rod depoy. Designed for fast reconditioning and maintenance, straight and serrated as well as gut hooks.
  • Bottle Opener - Because you might get thirsty waiting for the fish to bite. 
  • Lanyard Opening - Drop a lanyard on your new Off-Grid EDC Knife Sharpener.


  1. Sharpen: Place your knife blade in the carbide sharpening v-slot at the heel of the blade.  Pull through using medium pressure.
  2. Hone: Using the ceramic v-slot, follow step #1.
  3. Sharpen Fishing Hooks: Using the ceramic stone, pull the fishing hook through the grooved channel until sharp.
  4. Sharpen Serrated Blades: Deploy the diamond rod, using the cone shape of the rod, push the rod through your serrations using light pressure until sharp.
  5. Open a Beer Bottle: Use the bottle opener.
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