Is Button Lock Knife really convenient?

Is Button Lock Knife really convenient?

Dec 9th 2022

You wanted a high-quality knife, so, you did your research. All that is left is to push the button on buying your new folding knife which will be useful for all your needs.

A knife with the perfect weight and size made of top-notch material. A knife that will allow you one-handed operations to handle any situation.

If you are looking for such a type of knife then you must consider a knife with a button lock mechanism, the manual one, or an automatic opening knife to add to your research.

Let us first understand what it is.


What is a button-lock knife?

Also, known as plunge locks, button lock knives are mainly found on automatic knives. With the press of a button, the spring tension takes over as the lockup is released.

An internal plunger system ensures the lockup in both open and closed positions for automatic flipper opening knives. In the case of manual button-lock knives, it opens a bit differently. A separate push-button locking mechanism like a thumb stud or flipper is needed for blade deployment.


It's one of the most comfortable I've experienced. It's grip conveys a feeling of power and control unique for a knife this size. - Edward Greff

One-handed operation knife

Knives that use button lock action are loved across the modern knife community thanks to their durability and reliable action. These knives are designed and loaded with features that make them very resourceful for normal circumstances and tough situations and easy to carry.

The most beneficial point about them is their convenience of one-handed operation. You can easily open and close the single-blade knife. So, having a button lock blade edge knife is beneficial. Now, is there any specific knife that is recommended?

At, offGridKnives, we have many kinds of awesome knives. Among them, there is a certain knife that we do recommend if you want a button-lock knife.

Recommended knife for you

We recommend you our best-selling knife with button lock action -  Fat Boy and Fat Boy Blackout. If you wish to have a high-quality knife that is an addition to your knife collection, the Fat Boys are what you have been searching for.


With its strong build and superior grip knife handle, this blade's excellent edge retention makes it capable of handling any tricky situation. But that is not just it.

All these features can easily fit your pocket thanks to its compact size. Due to its features and compact size, it is a great knife shape for different activities that include fishing, hiking, biking, and everyday carry. To make it easy to carry, it is equipped with a pocket clip and a lanyard hole.


Durability and versatility resonate with these miniature pocket knives. Because of their resourcefulness, they are used in a variety of places. There are many kinds of pocket knives available. But, with this, your search for an excellent knife can now come to an end.

As a closing note, we would like you to remember to contact us on anything related to knives. OffGridKnives is not just your knife store, it is a community filled with people who are in awe of high-quality and unique knives.


Since day one I haven't stopped using the Fat Boy, it's comfortable, sturdy and has a nice weight to it. Overall, great quality EDC. - Douglas B.

So, as knife experts, we will help answer any questions you have. This will help you in making an informed decision on which knife to add to your collection. Also, we, are committed to providing you with a great online shopping experience.

Our knives are over-engineered for all of your off-grid adventures.