Best EDC for Personal Protection

Best EDC for Personal Protection

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Nov 15th 2018

The ideal everyday carry for you might not be the same for the next person, depending on their requirements, usage, and style.

There’s a lot that goes into choosing the right everyday carry knife to take around with you on the trail or around town. Finding a blade that you can rely upon, for years, or even decades is time well-spent and whether you choose from among Off-Grid Knives’ everyday carry folding knives or an alternative, we want you to make a smart choice that fits your needs.

The ideal everyday carry for you might not be the same for the next person, depending on their requirements, usage, and style. Picking the “best” EDC for your personal protection means factoring in your uses for an EDC, how you build your personal security plan and what you want your knife to achieve. We’re going to review some key elements you should consider when making a choice for your safety.

Considerations for an Every Day Carry

Whether it’s for personal protection or not, there are a few general considerations you ought to bear in mind when looking at everyday carry folding knives.

Size and Dimensions

The first, and most obvious, is its size and dimensions. Unless you’re building or working out on the trail, you’ll probably have your knife holstered most of the time. 

Weight and Pocket Feel

It’s worth choosing an everyday carry that doesn’t weigh too heavy in your pocket. Knives with deep-pocket carry clips provide extra convenience and allow you to grab them at an instant. For even more control, you might consider a holster.

Edge Retention and Corrosion Resistance

Another good, general piece of advice for everyday carry knives is to pick up something with good edge-retention and corrosion resistance. Stainless steel prevents rusting with relatively little maintenance required. If you’re taking your knife out with you every day and exposing it to the elements, take a load off your mind by choosing something which won’t corrode the first time a few raindrops fall on it.

Personal Protection Features

Since we’re talking about an every day carry specifically for personal protection, that’s the next thing to consider. You’ll want something that can actually protect you if you need to use it – that means a blade which is tough enough and sharp enough to function as a weapon when it counts.

Consider the Steel

Choose the wrong type of steel, and you’ll end up with a blade that snaps if it hits a belt buckle or jacket button.

Aus-8 steel is an excellent choice, providing both corrosion resistance and a strong, tough blade at a reasonable price. Other grades are also available which offer suitable features for personal protection, but Aus-8 is a good balance for your everyday carry. Consider looking for that or something similar.

Draw Time

The other important factor, for personal protection in everyday carry folding knives, is its draw time. Using a spring-assisted opening mechanism or an automatic draw will allow you to ready your blade more quickly. If you’re under threat, it’s important that you don’t miss a beat and react fast with your blade to show your attacker you know what you’re doing.

Specific to you

Everyone’s specific needs may vary. For example, some people might prefer a frame lock blade which allows you to hold a knife in position with your grip. Others could have a preference for a fixed blade, so they don’t need to worry about a short draw.

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The important thing is to develop and practice a clear personal safety plan so that you’re always prepared and choose a knife to fit in with your personal defense strategy.

Pick a blade with an opening mechanism and a locking style that suits, practice your draw and be ready when it really matters.

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