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Titanium is a metal that holds a lot of fascination, due to its use in aerospace engineering. So when you see an everyday item like a Zero Tolerance titanium knife, it garners a lot of interest, especially in where and how the titanium is used.

Uses of Titanium in Knives

Fully titanium knives are rare, as the metal can be difficult to sharpen. As a result, full titanium knives are generally reserved for dive knives, particularly in the military.

However, titanium does have many properties that make them a great fit for knives, such as their corrosion and rust resistance. The metal is nearly indestructible and is very lightweight.

Despite this, titanium is usually only found in handles, with fully titanium handles used to lighten a heavy knife. The blades of these so-called titanium knives are generally made from stainless steel, as steel is easier to work with. Depending on the uses of the knife, small parts within the handle may also be made from titanium as well.

Why Choose Zero Tolerance


Zero Tolerance has a reputation for building knives with strong, blunt lines that are designed for hard work. Durably made from high-quality materials, ZT avoids the classism seen in other companies who make higher and lower quality knives.

Instead, they pride themselves on looking only to the quality and functionality of the knife, using remarkable machining to achieve the best results. They design their knives with the hard-working community in mind, with ergonomic handles that can be comfortably gripped even in gloved hands.

As often as you find a ZT knife in the pocket of an everyday worker, you’ll find another on the shelf of a knife enthusiast, proving ZT’s appeal to every echelon.

We are committed to providing you with the best buying experience possible, so reach out to us today and let us provide you with the right edged blade for your needs.

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