Zero Tolerance Spring Assisted Knives for Sale

bigstock-silver-folding-knife-on-a-whit-279572491.jpgIt usually takes a series of quality knives to make a company’s name in a short space of time. The Zero Tolerance spring assisted knives managed to do that from the first knife turned out in 2006.

Benefits of a Spring Assisted Knife

A spring assisted knife allows you to easily open the knife with one hand, just like an automatic knife. Unlike an automatic, assisted knives are legal in most states and cities. So you don’t have to worry about hiding your knife, but you should check local laws before you head to a new city.

A spring assisted knife offers all the benefits of a standard folding knife such as a compact, safe carry, with the advantage of opening easier than a manual knife. It also has fewer moving parts than an automatic knife, so there’s less likely to go wrong in that department. Even if the spring fails, the flipper or thumb studs will still allow you to open the knife.

Why Choose a Zero Tolerance Knife


ZT was created to fill the role of making high quality, folding combat knives to survive harsh field conditions. Everything about the design of ZT knives is geared toward this purpose, from high-quality stainless steel to the overbuilt locks aimed to prevent accidental closure.

Zero Tolerance favors using the highest quality steel, particularly the Crucible steels which use powder metallurgy for a finer grain and better edge. Some examples are M390, CPM-20CV, and CPM S35VN.

These knives were designed for law enforcement officers, firefighters, and first responders, to help them with their work. Due to the quality, these knives are sought after by everyday people as well.

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