Tactical Fixed Blade Knives for Sale

A fixed blade knife can be your best friend in certain situations. With a single unmovable blade attached to a handle, that means there are no moving parts, so when you pull the blade, it’s ready for action. That’s important for emergency situations, especially self-defense or if you use your knife at work.

Tactical Features

Knives become tactical when they’re designed for a specific purpose, so a SWAT team member will need a different knife than an EMS first responder. Take some time now to think about what you need the knife to do.

For example, someone on a SWAT team would need a strong fixed blade to cut and pry through obstacles they meet while entering a building. However, law enforcement and EMS personnel might prefer a knife with a glass breaker to help them gain entry to auto accident victims. And finally, someone in the military might require a combat knife designed for fighting.

Tang Options

Tactical fixed blade knives come with several different tang options. The strongest is the full tang, where the metal of the blade extends the length of the handle. The likelihood of the blade breaking is very low with a full tang, so many prefer this option for rough duty like combat and survival.

A skeletonized tang extends the length of the handle, but portions of the metal are removed to lower costs and reduce weight. This tang is strong, but it can’t withstand the same level of punishment a full tang can handle.

Partial tangs have a portion of the metal that extends part of the way into the handle. Some handles are formed around the tang while others are secured using adhesives.

Off-Grid Passion

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