Stainless Steel Spring Assisted Knife


When looking at a new everyday carry, the most popular combination is a stainless steel spring assisted knife. However, not all knives are created equal, and there are a number of factors that need to be considered to make sure you’ve found the best knife for you.

Features to Look For

Since a knife is only as good as its blade, a good quality stainless steel is the first essential. The steel should hold the edge well, have a high enough chromium content that it is rust and corrosion resistant, and not wear out too quickly. M390 and Elmax are excellent choices as they are premium steels, and AUS-8 is slightly lower on the chain, but easier to sharpen.

The knife should have a solid locking mechanism, both for when the blade is open and closed to prevent accident and injury. If you are left-handed, be sure to check that the knife can be opened with either hand, as some knives are right handed only.

The handle should fit comfortably into your hand, and be made of a non-slip material. G10 is one of the most popular choices for this, though you can find titanium or steel that has been textured in order to provide more grip.

Examples of Knives


There are so many knives available on the market that we’d thought we’d share two of our favorites: the Hawkbill Hybrid Flipper and the Rapid Fire Ranger. 

The Hawkbill is made from AUS-8 steel, with a G10 handle for better grip. This knife is built like a tank, solid, durable, and dependable. Field tested by the military and law enforcement, the knife is perfect for anyone who’s looking for a large blade that won’t quit.

The Rapid Fire Ranger follows the Hawkbill with both AUS-8 steel and a g10 handle, and other than the strength, the similarities end there. Not as chunky as the Hawkbill, the Ranger has a slimmer blade that still works hard and is perfect for campers, hikers, and survivalists.

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