Spring Assisted Karambit Knife for Sale


The karambit is a knife that has slowly been gaining traction in the American knife scene. First made popular in the US by Indonesian and Filipino martial arts, US knife makers have taken the basic design and wedded it to modern mechanisms. 

This is why we offer the spring assisted karambit knife for sale.

Features of a Karambit

A karambit is a smaller, curved knife which was first used in Southeast Asia. Legend has it that the knife is shaped like a tiger’s claw, and it is easy to believe this.

Karambits are perfect for hooking, tearing, slicing, and ripping.

They usually have one or two safety rings, in the handle, and as a result, are very safe for the user. Karambits were designed as a utility knife, meant to be precise and versatile in function.

Who Could Use It


While most people assume a karambit is strictly for combat, as a result of its legendary usage by both Filipino and Indonesian militaries, its use doesn’t stop there. Karambits were originally used as an everyday carry, and the sheer functionality of them ensured they were used on a daily basis.

Survivalists and preppers could use this knife, as they are always looking to prepare for the unexpected, and the tool was originally used as a utility knife. This way they can be prepared for living outdoors, and are ready in case a combat situation arises. 

Those who work with their hands, hunters, anglers, farmers, and outdoorsmen, will appreciate the versatility and ease with which they can accomplish everyday tasks. As we understand it, there are some militaries around the world who make a karambit part of the soldier’s kit, and it would not surprise us if the US military did the same.

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