Spring Assisted Cleaver Knife for Sale Online


Twenty years ago, you would never see a cleaver even considered as an everyday carry. Courtesy of modern innovations and the American can-do attitude, you can now easily find a spring assisted cleaver knife. Since it’s a folder, it’s packable, lighter, but still has that awesome cleaver look and function.

Benefits of a Spring Assisted Knife

Back in the days of manual only knives, it took two hands to open your pocket knife. Which meant letting go of whatever you were holding, opening the knife, and trying to get a grip again with an open blade nearby. You can see the downsides and the danger.

A spring assisted knife can be quickly and easily opened with just one hand, and since most of them have the option of dual thumb studs or a flipper, are ambidextrous. If you have larger hands, it’s easier to manipulate a flipper than the thumb studs, particularly on a smaller knife.

Why Choose a Folding Cleaver

Cleavers are excellent at slicing and cutting, and their wide blade gives them a durability not often seen in pocket knives. Having that available in your pocket whenever you need it means you’ll never be caught unaware. These knives are particularly useful for food prep, so if you’re the type to find yourself at impromptu barbecues, you’re ready.

There are some who feel that a cleaver, or a cleaver style, makes a very good option for self-defense. The look alone can be intimidating, and the best fight is the one you avoid. Their lack of a sharp tip will show authorities that you weren’t looking for a fight and can weigh in your favor in the unlikely event that you needed to defend yourself.

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