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The Off-Grid Military Tactical Pen does more than just write beautifully. The dual tips of this multi-purpose tactical pen become discreet self-defense weapons when you come face to face with an assailant.


This high-quality tactical pen is military grade, lightweight and durable. The deep grooves on the pen shaft create an anti-slip, tactical grip so that you can attack with confidence when the situation calls for action.

The military grade construction offers peace of mind for those who need reliable, everyday protection. This includes those who serve us like law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMS, military or security personnel. It's also a great option for women, college students, single travelers, or survivalists.

Clip your Military Tactical Pen to your handbag, belt loop, pocket or backpack for quick and easy access. The snap-on belt clip will hold the pen firmly so that you can grab it quickly in an emergency.

In case of emergency

The pen has a sharp tip made of Tungsten Alloy, which can break panes of glass in an emergency. Tungsten Alloy is the same material used in armor-piercing ammunition so you can be sure that you can trust its strength when you need it most.

Secure the case

DNA evidence is crucial to help get a perpetrator off the streets. Tactical pens have proven to be a useful source of DNA evidence if you take it to law enforcement after striking an attacker. While this isn't an advertised feature, it is a generic benefit of carrying this type of weapon.

Don't forget the ink

The protective shell is attractive and functional. From a writing perspective, the ballpoint pen writes smoothly and uses refills compatible with Parker, Rite in the Rain, and Fisher Space.

Off-Grid gives you the option of buying the Military Tactical Pen in a lovely gift box, which makes it gift-ready. Consider this the perfect gift to help keep your loved ones safe.

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