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Tactical Pen

Carrying a ballpoint pen with you is something many of us do. You never know when you will need to sign a receipt, write yourself a grocery list, or give someone your cell phone number.

However, why limit yourself to something made just for writing? A tactical pen not only writes, but it is also great to travel with and you can use it as a self-defense weapon.

The military-grade manufacturing technique and the tungsten alloy tip, the exact same material used in armor piercing ammunition, makes this pen a great survival weapon.

A Multipurpose Item for Everyday Use

A tactical pen, like a ballpoint pen, is capable of writing on paper and other surfaces. It has a snap-on, reversable cap with refillable ink cartridge.

These pens are designed with a special ergonomic anti-slip grip that means they are easier to hold and more difficult to drop or lose when writing in the rain or when your hands are covered in any type of oil or liquid.

They are lightweight, versatile, and come with a pocket clip that makes them almost impossible to lose.

Tactical Pens for Safety and Self-Defense

Tactical pens come with a pointed sharp end made of tungsten alloy. This allows them to be used to break glass in case of emergencies, such as when trying to rescue yourself or another person trapped in a vehicle.

Easily concealed, in the event someone attacks you, carrying a tactical pen with you means you don’t have to be a victim. You will have access to a tool that can also be used as a weapon.

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