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Knife with Spring Assist

Whatever your reason for carrying a knife, whether for general everyday use or for tactical purposes, you want it to be easy to open and easy to use. When it comes to folding knives, this ease of use can be accomplished with a spring assisted design.

A knife with a spring assist can be opened easily with one hand, saving you time during everyday chores or saving you precious seconds when used for self-defense.

How do they work?

Spring assisted knives require direct force from the user to open the blade, which differentiates them from automatic models. Spring assisted models require the user to apply force to a thumb stud or lever which starts the blade moving, then a spring helps to open the knife completely.

Automatic knives, also called switchblades, open at the press of a button and don’t require the user to move the blade manually.

Before you try a knife with a spring assist, you might ask if this option is necessary. After all, you’ve opened your regular knife lots of times without a problem. It really comes down to ease of use and deployment speed.

If you use your knife multiple times a day, you’ll benefit from the time saved and from the one-handed opening operation. That can be key when your other hand is tied up with another task. That quick opening operation can also make all the difference when you need a knife in an emergency.


Like other types of knives, there are lots of options available. After the common spring assisted design, there are plenty of choices to make including handles, blade steel, size, and shape.

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