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There are times when you’re looking for a knife, and the first place you look is on your key ring. Why not purchase a keychain pocket knife?

What is a Keychain Pocket Knife

A keychain pocket knife is a small blade, or series of blades, barely more than a couple inches long. These were originally manually knives with either a basic lock, or no lock at all, and a keyring or lanyard hole at the base of the handle. Now, they can be found with a flipper or thumb studs for faster deployment.

The handle may be three inches at most, and an adult would use only a few fingers to grip it. Due to its small size, it’s not intended for extensive use by an adult, though a child may find it works very well.

Who Could Use a Keychain Knife


While the generic answer is that everyone could use a small pocket, knife, a more detailed answer may raise some points that weren’t considered. Since keychain pocket knives have such small blades, they’re able to fit where a larger folding knife can’t. They’re also ideal for fine detail work, such as stripping wires without damaging the wire.

So tradesmen would see a good reason to keep this knife, and since they always have their keys on them, the keychain knife simply rides along. Hunters and trappers may find the small knife handy at times for cutting small lines or even to clean under their nails after cleaning game.

This would also make an excellent first knife for the next generation, as the blades aren’t particularly large, so children can learn safety first. Attached to a personal keyring means that arguments about which one belongs to whom no longer apply as well.

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