High Quality Tactical Folding Knives for Sale


Knives have different capabilities and strengths depending on the materials and designs. High quality tactical folding knives are the top of the line when it comes to durability and toughness, and are geared toward the harshest conditions.

High-Quality Steels

A good quality knife will be made from the best steels available, which today means Crucible Particle Metallurgy (CPM) or Bohler-Uddeholm. The steels are made by forming the metal into powder-sized particles before blending. This improves the wear and corrosion resistance, and edge retention as well as the sharpening ability of the steel.

Some examples of high-quality steels are CPM S90V that has such a high level of edge retention that it’ll rarely need sharpening. Another, M390, created by Bohler-Uddeholm, can be polished to a true mirror shine, holds its edge as well as S90V but is slightly easier to sharpen.

While there are a lot of other steels available, these are two of the best examples of high-quality steels on the market. One thing is that these and other top quality steels will be difficult to sharpen, but won’t need sharpening as often.

Who Could Use A Tactical Knife



A tactical knife has many uses but was first designed for those who walk into hellish situations on a daily basis. These knives were created with law enforcement, military personnel, firefighters, and EMTs in mind.

Everyday citizens may also prefer a tactical knife, not only for emergencies but also because these knives are built to last. So outdoorsmen and laborers who constantly need a knife are covered. Hunters, backpackers, campers, survivalists, preppers, and anglers may find themselves in situations where a tactical knife can save their life.

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