High Quality Combat Knives for Sale


A knife is one of the most useful tools you can buy, and few are as durable and functional as the high-quality combat knives available. These knives are built to help you through the worst crises of your life, and a good martial arts class will also help.

Features Of A Folding Combat Knife

A combat/tactical knife has a single blade that is built thick and tough from either a high-quality steel or a medium quality treated steel. Medium quality steel, when properly treated, can perform like a high-quality one without breaking the bank account.

The handle should be textured for improved grip and synthetic to survive all weather conditions. G10, titanium, and aluminum are popular choices by designers. The knife should also have a solid blade lock to prevent accidental closure on the fingers.

A folding combat knife will often have a semi-serrated blade, but this is more of a personal preference. Also, the blade must be a functional shape. Exactly what this means depends on you, but tantos, drop points, spear points, and karambits are all frequently seen as combat knives. There are even modifications that combine two or more features from different blades that are gaining in popularity and acclaim.

 Examples Of Modified Blades


The OG-850 Hawkbill Hybrid is a flipper knife that combines the hawkbill and tanto blade shapes to create a sturdy combat knife. It has a thick blade made from cryo treated AUS-8 steel designed to be opened with either hand.

The Legal Eagle is a tanto knife with the front angle modified with a slight curve, offering greater cutting capabilities without sacrificing tip strength. Made from AUS-8 steel, it is semi-serrated.

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