Hawkbill Neck Knife for Sale


Neck knives have begun making a comeback in the world of knife enthusiasts for their looks, and because they are quick to hand when you need them. While these knives come in a variety of styles, there is the hawkbill neck knife for sale which has drawn our attention. A hawkbill style blade is very utilitarian and easy to use on an assortment of materials.

What is a Neck Knife

A neck knife is a small knife worn around the neck by a tie. The tie can be made of cord, leather, or chain, such as the ball chains used for dog tags.

Neck knives can be worn handle up or handle down, depending on your preference. Handle up is what is traditionally known as the Mountain Man carry, and is the oldest way of carrying a blade like this. Handle down is more modern, but it must be in a snug sheath to prevent its loss.

There are other ways to keep the knife in place, but this usually means a slightly looser sheath with magnets incorporated in it. We don’t recommend this, as any barrier between blade and magnet can result in the loss of your knife.

Why Choose a Hawkbill Neck Knife


Choosing a knife depends on what you want to use it for. Hawkbills have been used in agriculture for pruning, cutting open bags, and nets. So farmers and commercial fishermen would find this useful, and in the neck carry, quick to hand.

The curved shape of the blade also lends itself to combat. Carried in a reverse grip, a hawkbill knife can be used for slashing to great effect. If you want an awesome looking blade in an easy carry position, the hawkbill neck knife bears a closer look.

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