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They don’t always enter the everyday carry conversation, but many people opt for a fixed blade knife for EDC purposes. Lots of folks prefer folders, but as always with knives, your personal preference and your intended use of the knife are what matter. If you’re confident and comfortable with your EDC knife, it will be there to serve you for years to come.

Fixed Blade Features

A great thing about fixed blades is their strength. With a full tang, these knives are very rugged and can withstand a lot of punishment. This makes them great options for camping and survival situations too. If you need to punch a hole in a can of food, a full tang fixed blade is a great way to go.

EDC fixed blade knives are only useful if they’re with you, however, and for that to happen, you need to be comfortable wearing them. If you opt for a fixed blade, try a few different carrying positions to find the one that works best for you and be sure to practice deploying it whenever you can.

Carry Considerations

A folding knife is easy to conceal in a pocket where it’s readily available, which is perfect for everyday carry. With a fixed blade knife, a sheath is required which is most often worn on a belt. That’s great for access, but not always for concealment, which can make things difficult depending on where you live or where you’re going.

As long as you’re aware of local regulations and store policies, you can remove your fixed blade ahead of time and stay on the right side of the law and avoid making waves at local establishments.

Off-Grid Support

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