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Combat Knife

As the name implies, the main purpose of a combat knife is for fighting in close quarters. They can be used for other reasons too, but if a knife isn’t designed to win a fight, then it belongs in another category. Whether you’re a member of the military, law enforcement, or a civilian interested in self-defense, this type of knife can be a valuable addition to your collection.

Do I need one?

If you’re in the military then yes, of course you need a fighting knife. But what about the rest of us? If a firearm is your first level of self-defense, then a knife is an excellent choice as a backup. If you’re in an area where firearms aren’t an option, then you can’t go wrong with a quality fighting knife as your first level of defense.

The Blade

There are many choices when it comes to blades. Fixed blades are common in this category, but folding knives are an option too. The size of the blade is also a consideration. A larger blade gives you more leverage for certain tasks but can be tougher to use in close combat. Most importantly, the knife must feel comfortable in your hand and give you the confidence to use it when needed.

Method of Carry

With fighting knives, your method of carry can make a big difference compared to other types of knives. When you need the knife, you don’t want to be searching for it and you don’t want to find out that it dropped on the ground a few miles back either. A combat knife won’t help you if it’s not in your hand, so pick the method of carry that works for you to keep your knife secure and ready for action.

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