Cleaver Style Knives

Sometimes, when you’re out in the woods, camping or hunting, an impromptu barbecue becomes the best idea in the world. You run to the nearest shop, buy a few vegetables, so the wife will know you’re eating healthy, but then you realize you need to cut them somehow. When your normal everyday carry just doesn’t quite cut it, there are cleaver style knives.


Features of a Cleaver

While most people are familiar with the heavy, rectangular look of a chef’s cleaver, one meant for everyday carry can have a few differences and some different requirements. For a start, they’re much smaller, for obvious reasons, though the steel used can frequently be the same.

Cleaver style knives still maintain that belly, perfect for cutting, slicing, and chopping most things you can throw their way. With a wider blade than your average EDC, the cleaver is capable of taking on the big jobs while still folding neatly into your pocket. 

You will want a good, non-slip handle, so your grip doesn’t slide while you’re chopping all those vegetables as well. G10, textured steel, or similar is the best way to go. A knife like the OG-950 Cleaver Flipper Knife ensures there’s a comfortable, ergonomic grip for most sized hands.

Why Choose a Cleaver Knife

Not only does a cleaver knife look awesome, intimidating, and outright cool, it’s also useful. Durable, tough, and solidly built, cleavers are a great style as an everyday carry. Whether or not you’re a chef, these knives feel amazing to use, are comfortable, and can get the job done. 


Perfect for hunters, campers, backpackers, survivalists, and anybody who needs a solid knife. Because these knives lack a pointed tip, they can be a lot more low key if you ever need to use one in public, too.

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