Cleaver Style Combat Knife for Sale


Combat knives are largely defined by their strength, and their ability to cut. After that, it’s all up to the user on what they want, and what they’re looking for.

Some people prefer a sharp tip for the ability to stab, but for those who prefer a slicing motion, you can find varieties of a cleaver style combat knife for sale.

Features of a Combat Knife

Traditionally, combat knives aren’t used just for fighting. Usually, there are other features which land them in the tactical range as well. First off, the knife must be durable, and able to withstand blows without shattering or chipping.

The knife should have a strong handle with a comfortable grip, and preferably some kind of texturing to prevent your hand from slipping. A sturdy base and a glass breaker always come in hand, whether in combat or emergency situations.

The steel used depends on whether the knife is fixed blade or folding. A fixed blade knife should be made of a coated carbon steel, both for added strength, and to reduce rust and corrosion. If you choose a folding knife, a high quality stainless steel that has excellent wear resistance and edge retention is essential. Stainless steel knives can also be coated or specially treated to increase durability and toughness.

Why Choose a Cleaver Combat Knife


A cleaver style knife is designed to slice, and can be used to deliver wide, slashing cuts that can create a lot of damage. The wide blade provides additional strength to the knife, and can help reduce the potential for damage to the blade.

Bear in mind that for the greatest efficacy of use, you should find some self-defense classes that focus on using your new blade. These classes can make all the difference in a real-world situation.

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