Classic Flipper Knife for Sale


Knives, like cars, have maintained the same basic shape since the early 1900s. However, also like cars, there’s more than meets the eye to each one.
With a classic flipper knife for sale, the outside has the same basic shape, but under the surface, there are innovations to make using them a whole lot easier.

Features of a Flipper Knife

A flipper knife has an assisted opening mechanism, such as a spring assisted open, which is deployed using a metal tab on the spine of the blade. There is a locking mechanism, to prevent the knife from accidentally closing while in use as well. The method of closing varies, but it’s usually done by moving a small lever at the base of the blade aside.

You’ll want to make sure the knife is comfortable to hold and use, and has a nice, grippy handle. Texturing is preferred, as your hand is less likely to slip. Don’t choose a handle that’s too contoured, as it can interfere with how your hand fits.

While the type of tip used isn’t as important, if you’re going for a classic look you’ll want to stick more towards normal tips, clip points, drop points, and spey points. These ones are also extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of tasks.

Who Could Use a Flipper Knife


A flipper knife is a functional blade that allows ambidextrous usage, which makes it ideal for everyone. The only true decision will be, which knife will you choose? Type of steel, blade shape, and even type of edge smooth, serrated, or semi-serrated – are the factors to choose from.

There are many states where most folks have two or more knives in the house, and the one they carry that day is based on the job they have to do. A classic flipper knife is a perfect way to ensure you’re ready for anything.

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