Camping Folding Knives for Sale


Camping is an activity that can require a lot from you and your knife, from shaving branches to get the fire going, to use as a kitchen knife. You want to make sure you’ve got a great knife, and there are many camping folding knives for sale.

What to Look for in a Camping Knife

Since you’ll be cutting a lot of different materials, you’ll need a knife with good edge retention, so look for something made with high-quality stainless steel. M390 and Elmax are two that are premium quality steels and are priced as such, but well worth the cost. If you’re looking for something more cost effective, consider AUS-8 steel, as it’s still very good quality.

A nice, ergonomic handle with some form of texturing is important, and if you can comfortably hold the knife with gloves, then that’s a plus. Most knife handles with be textured, to improve your grip. A solid locking system can prevent the blade from accidentally closing, and injuries, so make sure your new knife has one.

Consider whether you’ll want a spring assisted open and if you want to be able to open it with either hand. Some people find it easier to open a knife with a flipper while others are perfectly fine with thumb studs, or you can get a knife with both.

Examples of Camping Knives


The Rapid Fire Blackout has an AUS-8 steel blade, spring assisted open, and G10 handle with CNC scales for added grip. The blade is coated with titanium nitride to improve the blade’s durability and wear.

The Rapid Fire is made with AUS-8 steel and has been cryogenically treated for improved performance and wear resistance. The blade is semi-serrated, for tackling those tough jobs quickly.

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